Frequently Asked Questions

I am a funeral director - how can I use Tributes Online?
Please email and we will arrange immediate access and advise details on how to load a tribute page - or our administrator can load the page for you. For Photo Presentation for Funeral Directors: contact for information.

What information can I publish in a tribute?
The tribute page can contain:

  • Photo and funeral notice, or you can write alternative wording if you prefer
  • Professionally designed page backgrounds to choose from or add your own background
  • Link available to send to a friend or add to Facebook
  • Funeral service information and you can include a map with directions
  • Link to a tribute book for people to read and leave comments
  • Family and friends can choose an anniversary email reminder

       Additional Features


Who checks the tributes and tribute book comments?
The tributes administrator verifies with funeral homes any requests from the public to create a tribute page to ensure the integrity of the website.

All comments and images are checked by the funeral home or tributes administrator before being uploaded to the website to ensure all content is appropriate.

How long before a tribute comment is uploaded to the website?

Comments will generally be checked and posted to tribute books during the day on weekdays, but comments posted during the weekend may not appear until the Monday.

How long is the tribute on the website?
The tribute and tribute book will be active for 13 months, which enables people to add a tribute book comment around the time of the anniversary of the death.   Tribute pages can be renewed annually for $25.

What happens to the tribute when my registration period is finished?
If your tribute is not renewed it is retained on our website as a notice page with name, date of death, and the funeral notice (tribute book comments are not retained).  You can email us at if you prefer the tribute to be removed completely.

Can a tribute page and book be retrieved if it was not renewed on time?

Yes, tribute pages and books including all comments can be retrieved - please email to enquire about retrieval costs.

Can I change the tribute once it's published?
The publisher can make amendments to the tribute and tribute book during the registration period.

How do I get help if something isn't correct on the tribute page or book?
Contact the funeral home that created the tribute page, or you can contact the tributes administrator

What happens to any personal information I supply?
Any email address or personal information that you provide will only be used for the purpose for which you provided it.

Who operates
The website is operated by Grief Resources Ltd - email us at Our principals have been in the funeral business since 1989.