Tributes Online - About Photo Gallery and Personal

Personal History, Photo Album & Photo Presentation

All material is submitted for approval before being uploaded to our website and

minor changes may be necessary to ensure our websites integrity.

To add any of these features

Go to the sign-up area at the top of the person's Tribute Page

Personal History:      no cost involved
Create an area to write about a person's life.

There are no restrictions to the amount of text you can submit.

Photo Album:            cost $2 per photo
Upload photo's and you can include captions.

Photo Presentation for Funeral Directors: contact for information.

Photo Presentation (when families are Uploading):  cost $40.00

Families can create a datashow of pictures and upload them to the website and

choose one of 12 songs to play in the background.

Tributes pays copyright charges for the use of these songs.

File types the system accepts are:

avi, mpeg, mpg, mpe, dat(vcd), vob(dvd), wmv,

asf, asx, mp4, mov, 3gp, 3g2, 3gpp, dv, qt, rm, rmvb

File size must be less than 100MB

Uploading times can vary between 10-20 minutes (or longer) - depending on

your Internet speed and the file size.  There is a slight pause between the Upload and

Converting process.

Payment:  Credit card only - as system is fully automated.