Tributes Online - Star Thompson - Zabell

Star Thompson - Zabell

23/10/1919 - 23/10/2019

Thompson-Zabell, Star
Born still 23rd October 2019 - Will be forever in the hearts of Mum and Dad (MacKenzie Thompson and Calvin Zabell).
Sadly missed by her big sisters, Jorga and Stevie

I see a brighter star tonight
As I look at the sky;
She glistens in a teardrop
As she drifts upon a sigh.

A little light all filled with soul,
A speck so like the rest;
But to me she's brighter
than the moon,
Above all, she's the best.

A part of earth for just a while.
The heavens are her home;
Here she was confined as life,
There she's free to roam.

A little gem to crown the sky,
A jewel for all to see;
Her sparkle is for all mankind,
Her memory, just for me.


Service Information

Location: Private family farewell